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Communication Tower

Antenna Tower Removal

Eliminate the Risks

Antenna towers pose a hazard to property and individuals, and can provide unwanted roof access.

It is best to be proactive in taking down your tower in fair weather, rather than waiting until a storm hits - requiring an emergency response.

Our specialized crews have the experience necessary to get the job done properly. We can handle small jobs such as a 10 foot tower removal, and up to the large project of a 200 foot tower decommissioning.

Dish Disposal  - Removal of satellite dishes, TV antennas, and antenna towers

Get a Quote

Pricing will vary based on tower height and placement. Please use our Request A Quote form and submit photos of the tower. Include those taken from different angles, allowing a full view of the equipment, as well as a closer view of the base and any guy wires.

Our crews do travel outside of our stated service areas for large projects.

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